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Terms and conditions of use

1 years covering the only potential manufacturing issues.

Exclusion of Warranty.

Transistors The power of RADIO BROADCASTING or equipment is not under warranty from the time of the sale, as it is well known that although you do not have the due protections they guarantee full immunity against mismatching of the antenna, cables and connectors gender.

The goods that present defects caused or transport damage at the risk and peril purchaser especially when you do not choose to make the spedizone assured.

 Any damage or loss of the consignment will have to be compensated, behind insured shipping, chosen by the shipper.

During the warranty period the device must be witnessed in place.

 The removal of the warranty Revision seals, if any, compromises the guarantee if the customer makes use of external assistance will do it at their own risk and responsibility.

The buyer agrees since the time of what is written.


1 General provisions Purpose and scope.

These provisions are intended to regulate the use of on-line sales services of the different goods and services offered by Broadcastsystem Antonio Riccelli, artisan company Commercial, which operates on the internet via their e-shops, and offers its clients technological products, for radio communications, broadcasting, telecommunications, electronics, multimedia systems, audio / video players, digital recording devices, etc.

Relations between Broadcastsystem Antonio Riccelli and the Client are set out in these terms and conditions and can never be understood as relations mandate, representation,


partnership or association or other similar or equivalent contract.

2 Form and content of the contract.

The online disclosure of Broadcastsystem Antonio Riccelli, the proposal and the payment of the required fee, constitute full acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, drafted and prepared in compliance with the provisions contained in Legislative Decree 6 September 2005. 206 (Consumer Code) and Legislative Decree 31 January 2007 n. 7 (Urgent measures to protect the consumer, the promotion of competition, development of economic activities and the creation of new companies). For all legal purposes, it is understood, however, that the User / Customer has accepted the terms and rules of use matters set forth herein, Broadcastsystem Antonio Riccelli reserves the right to modify, in whole or in part, these general conditions, by applying the new arrangements from the date of their publication on its ebay space, in each case, unless otherwise expressly agreed, these changes will have no retroactive effect on previous contracts with users. And 'it is forbidden to the customer, unless it is specifically approved in writing by Broadcastsystem Antonio Riccelli, to insert additional clauses or footnotes and / or amend this Agreement in any way. The invalidity or unenforceability of one or more clauses will not affect in any way the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions. All matters not contemplated in these Conditions of Contract, the Parties shall refer to the provisions of law. Any benefits additional to those which make up the service, will be provided, upon customer's request, according to procedures to be determined from time to time.