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The AR SYSTEMS SRLS was born in 2020, but at the base there are the passion of founder and CEO Antonio RICCELLI.

Antonio RICCELLI since 1990 it has been operating in the radio communications and electronics sector and from 2000 to the internet and information technology, transformed from a hobby into a real job. The AR SYSTEMS SRLS is a solutions and services operating in 360° in

R&D, Design, Prototyping, Production, Installation, Assistance of:

OEM RF modules: open source and customs,

Embedded Electronic Systems(Hardware & Firmware), ICT consultant,

Broadcasting FM – DAB +, DVBT, Radiocommunications HF – VHF – UHF – SHF

The company’s activities are organized into specific business units. The direct relationship with customers and high quality standards ensure personalized services and attention Typical details of a workshop. AR SYSTEMS SRLS offers both “turnkey” projects is a comfortable consulting activities carried out directly at the customer. The staff has a strong tendency to problem solving and is guided by the spirit for research and innovation, even before for economic reasons. The knowledge, capabilities and skills of the resources that make up the staff are constantly supported from a solid structure and at the complete disposal of the customer. The AR SYSTEMS SRLS specializes in the construction and management of infrastructure for information communication technology. The possibility of using a data center owner makes efficient services, erogabili without intermediaries because economically advantageous. Thanks to decades of experience in the information technology industry, our company designs, implements and administers (including third parties) systems, as well as open source platforms for controlling FM transmitters and amplifiers for businesses and government agencies. Our company has a cutting-edge technological infrastructure, which includes an advanced workshop for the repair of computer systems, FM transmitters and amplifiers, multi-channel contact center and a classroom for training purposes.organizational structure

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The organizational structure is the basic organization of a company: it is essential to implement more coherent structure with the business. Speaking of business organization, often it tends to take the existing organizational structure as a fact can not be modified, and then not to put too much into question. The organizational structure, Instead, it is as the tactical planning of a team: everything is built on its foundations, and it can take various forms, more or less desirable depending on the type of business and of its primary success factors. The main organizational structure configurations are three: functional structure, divisional structure and matrix structure. Our company adopts a functional organizational structure. The company is divided into homogeneous areas by field of activity: administration, purchasing, sales, technical department, production etc. The main advantage of these structures is the ability to achieve high local efficiency factors, or to obtain a high degree of specialization in the roles and, therefore, greater operational efficiency in each function. However, the main drawback is the “compartmentalized” risk: each work function almost as if it were a company in its own right, often at the risk of poor coordination than the others and with difficulty in pursuing common goals. The work is divided for technical specializations, ie professionalism. It ‘a structure used for large companies or those averages. The intermediate line manages the underlying layers and therefore the decision-making power is held by both the zero level which (in part) from level 1. People must not only perform, but also make decisions based on “delegated by objectives”. The individual functions are in correlation between them and the same objectives can combiaciare a function with those of another. The functional structure is the ideal place for very diversified product strategies.

strengths point

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The company AR SYSTEMS SRLS is a leader in the field of maintenance and repair of radio equipment and radio links as well as all shortwave transmission systems, microwave and very short on that market segment now operates for over a decade. His position as a supplier of large customers in the field of security has allowed the years to consolidate its financial strength with which he will meet directly with their sources to the project not covered by the funding. Our company will serve both the internal staff and representatives in various areas, for both the domestic market and for the foreign market. As to the internal staff, initially there will be a marketable figure that will have the delicate task of finding new customers and look for new potential markets, later when they will be established and consolidated relationships with customers, will seek to enhance the reference air using commercial figures under the supervision of the internal sales manager, which can operate in the area intended. The sales staff will periodically provide a range of information and exactly: Report on the market. Report on the rating of products. Report on customer requests. Report on suggestions for changes or improvements of products. The relevant information collected and filtered can serve and be considered by the office responsible for design, can also be useful to improve and make the product in line with current market demands. The aim is also to make long-term forecasts. Our company is committed to the implementation of adequate certified quality systems. Our experience ranges from firmware development to software development. We carry out the implementation and development of integrated circuits and embedded systems, followed by test phases at the explicit request of the customer. With the aim of achieve the following objectives: Increase in the level of production through improved processing techniques. Reduce business costs. Continuous increase of quality standards. Optimal management of non-compliance. Attainment of product certifications. Patent of the designed products. Registration of trademarks and related products created. Strengthening of distribution.